More about Monica

More about Monica

Here are some ephemeral things about me, outside of writing.  I’m a traveler, judoka and a beach aficionado. I appreciate Hawaiian coffee, chocolate souffle and authentic sushi. I marvel at those who can cook, build and repair things.

Occasionally, I binge watch and even more occasionally, binge exercise.  I am a fan of sports movies, particularly films about teams.  There is a little known secret about me:  I have an uncanny ability to win sports betting pools.

I am impressed by straight shooters especially those who care about what is happening in our world and are moved  to action.  For this reason I suppose, I am drawn to realists, other artists and change makers.

Among my favorite books are those written by Kazuo Ishiguro, Cormac McCarthy, Wayne Grady, Ann Patchett, Susan Orlean and Malcolm Gladwell.

I never have enough time to read all the books I want to read and usually have at least two on the go at a time.  My greatest passion is writing.  Unlike so many writers, I never grew up wanting to be a writer. It wasn’t until I was in my late twenties that I saw writing as anything more than a pastime. I am in awe of those who understood their calling as children.

I believe in predestination,  humanity and the prevalence of good.   I do not believe in divisiveness and inequality.

All of my closest friends share some common traits.  They are ambitious and adventurous. They revere nature, justice and we share an infinite desire to learn.  Everyone in my immediate family is creative, fun loving and much smarter than me.

My husband and I met at a baseball game in the Fall of 1989.   I had just returned from an exchange program at Oxford Brooks University.  Since then, life has never been the same.  We’ve been married and inseparable for over twenty years now.  Our house sits in a quiet urban neighborhood and our lives are run by our two school-aged boys and a our beloved standard poodle. We are on the end of a dynamic and sometimes daunting home renovation which happened to parallel the writing of my book.   One of these days, I will tell you all about that.  Right now, I’m focusing on the remaining work to be done on both fronts.  Sometimes I’m so excited about the next chapter or reno space, that I must force myself to go to sleep.

Please stay in touch.  I’ll be done soon enough and may even blog about it.  Until then, keep well.